Long Valley Farm
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Heres the short list of vegetables we grow:                 
We also grow a variety of flowers:
 beets                                                                               Basil
  broccoli                                                                             Dill
 cabbage                                                                        Fennel
 carrots                                                                           Garlic  cauliflower                                                                    Parlsey
 cooking greens                                                          Rosemary
 cucumbers                                                                       Sage 
  green beans  
 lettuce/salad mix 
  summer squash/zucchini     
  swiss chard 
  winter squash

We take great pride in providing you with a huge variety of incredibly fresh, seasonal vegetables picked at their very peak of freshness and flavor. 
Find us at:  

 Kalamazoo Bank Street Market on Saturdays all year round!  

Battle Creek Farmers Market On Wednesdays during the summer months

You may also have dined on our fabulous heirloom tomatoes at local restaurants like the Kitchen House in Richland, or purchased our gorgeous sunflower bouquets at Natural Health Center.  
        We also donate weekly to Kalamazoo Loaves and Fishes, as well as Ministry with Community to ensure more people can access fresh, low cost, vitamin rich vegetables.

Long Valley Farm Market Schedule

We also operate an eighteen week CSA (community supported agriculture) membership program were we deliver you a great big box of veggies every week
See contract for deliver details.

Farmer Tony on harvest day

French radishes at market

Small tunnel to extend growing season