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We are now offering CSA shares of fresh, seasonal vegetables for the 2017 season.  Boxes of fresh, fabulous produce will be delivered to you weekly, June through mid-October.  

What you get:  
One box of freshly harvested, chemical free vegetables. Boxes will include a wide variety of 'in season' vegetables. This means boxes will vary week to week with harvest season. Family shares are available as well as single shares.

When do you get it?
We deliver boxes to you once weekly to an agreed upon location from the second week of June until the second week of October. Talk about convenient!

How do I sign up for this fabulous deal?
Simply look over the information and fill out the  2017 CSA contract.  Kelly will contact you to arrange payment options and answer any questions you might have.

​We harvest on or just before delivery day so we can get the veggies from our field to your table as soon as possible, minimizing nutrient loss. Expect seven to ten items in each family share (less for single shares) along with recipes and descriptions to help you on your vegetable adventure.  We will also have flower bouquets available to purchase.

PLEASE NOTE:  For the 2017 season we are not raising our prices in any way!  We are instead asking that each and every member, as a condition of membership, commit at least a couple hours to volunteering at/for the farms 'giving garden initiative'.  This will allow you to see first hand where your food comes from and learn a little more about our growing practices.  It also ensures that we have enough hands to get more of our fresh food into needy hands throughout the community.  There are plenty of opportunities that can involve computers, data entry, deliveries, etc.

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